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tv   Fox Files  FOX News  March 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. >> rifox files goes inside the world where russian spies can be your next-door neighbors. >> it was a shock. >> why is this man still living in america he helped the hijackers slam flight 77 into the pentagon. >> i am katherine harris.
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>> i am bill hemmer. that's next on f"fox files." >> it has been nearly 12 years since the attack on 9-11. >> 3,000 people died in new york city at the pentagon and in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania after four planes were hijacked by 19 men. but for this man, life goes on here in america. he is a known associate of two hijackers who slammed flight 77 into the pentagon. >> he helped them stay under the radar. >> that's correct. he assisted them on numerous occasions. >> for over a decade the u.s. government spent more than a half a million dollars trying to deport him but have had no
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success. with nearly 400,000 people waiting for u.s. citizenship in november 2012 he received political asylum for the third time. >> it's a slap in the face to americans especially the victims of 911 and the families. >> it is personal for jim bush and retired special agent. >> 3,000 people were murdered. he played a very small part but he was part of the conspiracy. >> from the beginning he wouldn't give up anything. nothing about him fit. we knew it. we knew in our gut there was something wrong. >> chazeh arrived in july 2, '00 from saudi arabia. >> he settled into patterson new jersey. >> patterson, new jersey where 7 of the hijackers passed through before the 9-11 attacks. >> patterson is the launching pad for the plot.
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>> it is the only place we can connect -- we can't put them all together in one time or one meeting place because they blended into the community. >> it is here that he met up with another key facilitator of the hijackers a jordanian. he remains a secret of 9-11 ass f -- as fox news reported. >> he had apartments in all three states. >> evidences part of the work in p criminal work in patterson. >> he had no job. >> he was always very well trained played the part of a big shot on the street. >> several months before the attack chazeh who has no job suddenly decide to leave patterson. he told his roommates to move in with him here. they make contact with imam at this mosque anwar al-awlaki. >> the now dead american born terrorist who became the first
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american to be targeted for death by the cia. besides the mosque imam the circle of friends and neighbors included future flight 9-11 hijackers. he made a point to tell his roommates to go seal lack can i at t al lack can i at the wros can for work. >> two of the hijackers the first time that we know he met the hijackers. >> what did they do? >> got them an apartment. settle twoed of them into an apartment. >> both chahazeh tell you they are not religious people yet they go to anwar al-awlaki. it seems like it's by design. al la a oo i remember many time shake mying head and saying we are getting deeper involved. >> they believe there's an unknown relationship between
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anwar al-awlaki, his roommate. >> the 9-11 commission report is supposed to be the road map for 9-11. if there's not one to the syrian in this book. >> chahazeh was being interviewed at the time of the 9-11 commission. they believe he was more of a leader but he was more of the one being told what to do. >> he was doing the legwork and the syrian was pulling the strings? >> it i peeappears that way. >> we tracked him down living in patterson, new jersey. >> he was not particularly religious why would you go to a box? >> e(inaudible).
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>> they are haunted by this piece of evidence. >> when he was arrested his car we found booklets, flight information at the airport where we know the pilot practiced out of. >> could he explain why he had the flight pamphlets? >> he didn't know how they got there. >> how did chahazeh got asylum? >> he knew what to present and what not to present. >> the fbi have been all over him like a rash yet the immigration judge doesn't know this? who dropped the ball? >> good question. we don't know. >> this is the 2002 court documents in which the judge granted chahazeh asylum saying he remained to a group that were hopelessly in debt. >> he helped him fill out the application. it's in her handwriting. >> it was unusual for a federal judge to grant asylum based on a
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group called hopeless debtors. >> he wshe was a superior court judge for 8 years and a senior analyst for fox news. >> the federal judge concluded he would be tortured or killed when if he went back there. >> in 2007 fbi claims he is a danger to national security. >> he was connected to the hijackers. >> in 2007 the board of appeals reopened chehazeh's case. he had high powered attorneys. >> not only did they assist him he has attorneys working for him free. >> despite numerous requests by fox files for an interview of written statements neither chehazeh or his attorneys would speak to us. in a ruling the day before valentine's day 2013 the board
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of immigration ruled that chehazeh would never be deported by the united states. >> we talked to a lot of invest dwat tors over the years. they are never going to let this go. >> never going to goforget him. >> his roommate was deport to do jordan in 2003. anwar al-awlaki was killed in a drone strike in yemen in 2011 and 9-11 victim's families still await justice chehazeh is still living in patterson, new jersey. >> protection of his life can we prove that by a court of law? no. there are other remedies. >> coming up... >> they have come over assumed the identities of the dead americans. >> seemed to be a nice family. >> really shows you how farther willing to go to fit in. [ male announcer ] it's relobster's lobsterfest
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>> traditional espionage. >> hundreds of cyber attacks. >> it is a direct threat. >> it is the easiest way to find out who be trade. >> fox files goes inside espionage in the cold war. they raised members. >> russia continues to send spies to the u.s. >> you are covered sue he kret agents for the russian government. >> it is a story out of the cold war. a nest of spies spread across america from the big cities to the quiet suburbs. june 2010, the fbi and the department of justice revealed operation ghost stories. the arrest of a network of russian spies living and working in america. some were sleeper agents with
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deep covers hiding behind fake american identities. in the word of the clan desloratadine services they are called illegals. >> they are a part of the soviet system since the creation of the kgp. >> they have written numerous books about the history of espionage. >> because of the cold war it took an incredible amount of work falsified documents and diligence to get peas people out from the iron curtain and infiltrate them from society. >> bob anderson has been a member of the fbi for years and director of counterintelligence. >> they take the identity and persona oef.
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>> seems to be a nice family. >> two of them made it two of their names. >> once the soviet union laughs and there was a flood of russian immigrants to the united states. they are all every where. they got so much attention because she embellished the whole fiery red head sexy james bond spy that fed all of our fantasies. >> there is something about the whole james bond picturesque exotic romantic spying that can't vats us. >> they offer a family business and it appears it is no different. there are reports her father was a high ranking officer in the kgb. in 2001, 19-year-old anna traveled to england where she met and quickly we had a dashing
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english man named alex chapman. the steamy marriage would not last after divorcing in 2006 anna arrived in in new york city. >> it was in this luxury high rise in new york's financial district where anna made her home. the lavish building is a former bank with art deco touches and marble mahallways. it's a building where newcomers can make contact with ambitious people. >> here's anna interviewed about her life in manhattan. >> america is a free country and here it is easy to meet the most successful people in the world. >> anna tried to fit right in with manhattan's elite. >> when not working on her so-called start up companies the red head was out on the town, meanwhile 28-year-old was making friends and establishing his credentials in washington, d.c. he even used a photograph of himself in front of the white
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house on his linkedin page. little about the young spies know they were under surveillance by fbi counterintelligence. >> they knew what they were doing on a daily basis where they came and where they went. they were part of the private networks the fbi records anna casually shopping in a new york world they exchanged information. >> they set up information where they could transmit information. all of that information whether it's two words or 50 agents downloaded it to the other vined you'll. >> the fbi also went under cover for operation ghost stories. it shows him in a park in arlington, virginia concealing an envelope with 5,000 dollars
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cash underneath the bridge. he was instructed to do so by an fbi agent posing as an under cover spy. >> they were in america for a few years others were long-term. >> the fbi had surveillance in place for almost 10 years. >> beautiful montclair new jersey the all american town is an idealic suburb less than 18 miles from new york city. >> you are in new jersey on marquette road. we live at 37. >> allen has lived in this town for more than 40 years. >> it's a wonderful town because of the surrounding cul-de-sac. it is especially great place to bring up kids. >> in 2008 allen's neighbors who live at 31 marquette road were
6:20 pm
moving. >> we had a going away party for the neighbors that lived there seniors. they said to all of us you would love to meet the people that bought the house hopefully you will get to know them. great family. >> the family was this counsel richard and cynthia murphy along with their two children. >> seemed to be a nice family. she was working in a high powered job in the financial peeled in the city. i am not sure he err had a job per se. you could tell in her speaking voice it sounded some what foreign, maybe eastern european. >> that was because the murphies were actually vladimir and lydia goria two deep cover spies in the u.s. for almost 15 years. >> it really shows you how farther willing to go to fit in and become somebody that you are a trusted member of your community. that's the key. trust gives you access. access gives you information which can potentially give you
6:21 pm
power. >> the fbi decrypted a message sent to the fmurphies from moscow. it reads you were sent to usa for long-term service trip, your education, bank account, car, house, et cetera aonly serve on goal, fulfill your main mission. develop ties in policy making circles in in the u.s. and send intelligence reports to center. they took numerous surveillance photos with other russian spies and recorded this video of a federal russian living near washington, d.c. under the name michael zatoli. the murphies zatoli and others lived across the united states. they pursued academic degrees and held jobs in banking in telecom. donald heath field and tracy leeann foley even groomed their son to become a spy.
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>> we say long-term it is 30 years, it's get your second generation into the united states. >> coming up... >> local montclair police cars and fbi agents coming in and out of their house. it was just a shock. {flush flush
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>> you are my wife. >> in the television series "the americans" keri russell and matthew reese play russian spies living under deep cover as a suburban couple. the series was inspired the fbi's ghost stories which revealed a russian spy ring here in america. >> one of the things we looked for in this entire investigation
6:26 pm
is do we have the entire network. that's what you are trying to weave together in these whether you are walking past each other exchanging information or money or sitting in a coffee shop with a computer. >> it was inside this starbucks where anna chapman met with an under cover fbi agent but posing as a russian spy. the two talked about future espionage operations and anna said she was ready to act. here is video of the june 26th, 2010, meeting. they spoke about obtaining fraudulent passports and anna produced her broken computer, the one she used for covert communications. >> one of the things we look for is when is that line or that red line that we won't let the illegal operation cross verses the security of this nation? >> one day after the starbucks meeting the fbi decided to act. >> it was a sunday night.
6:27 pm
we went out to dinner in town and came back did the usual left-hand turn on marquette road and staring us in the face were all of these local montclair cars and fbi agents coming in and out of their house. it was just a shock. >> they were all raised and pled guilty to the charges. a classic scene straight from the cold war play out in vienna, austria. here is video of the 10 russian spies being exchanged at the airport for four russians accused of spying for the u.s. >> what hasn't changed about spying today is how we catch each other's spies and the illegals show that. in the end it was one of their own people who gave them up. >> there has been only one case that i know of where detect tive work identified a traitor. >> it was a case that involved treason in the highest he shall lanes in the power.
6:28 pm
the trader was cia officer aldrich haines. >> i would never want to be or speak to him again. i have nothing to say to him. it's a waste of my time and my breath. >> sandy grimes is a 26 year veteran from the cia. she worked as an analyst against the communist regime. she coauthored with fellow analyst the book circle of treason. >> we wanted to tell the story of what became known as the answerville hunting and identified the spy. >> the cia in roughly 65 and i volunteered. >> boston native ball redmond was an intelligence officer for the cia for over 30 years working mainly for the soviet and east european or se division. >> they were trying to steal secrets from war shaw, russia
6:29 pm
and the eastern europeans. >> sandy handled the information that came in from the general. >> it was from the second month i joined that agency that my career was intertwined with his. and that lasted probably 15 years. >> in 1921 de meet try fought for the red army in world war ii and after the war joined soviet military intelligence. he contacted the americans in early 1960d to offer to work as a source. >> what was his incentive? >> he was not in it for cash. we never paid him more than about a thousand dollars a year. >> over time it boiled down to the money. >> he was the crowned jewel in soviet operations. he went from lieutenant journcoy to full colonel to general.
6:30 pm
he was the highest this country ever ron. >> gave information from the cia. what was his way to doing that? >> he photographed everything that came across his desk. in moscow we had no personal meetings with him. so it was a series of places we ske you'lled he would mark a signal we would unload the drop and the drop would contain, i don't know how many canisters of film. >> of film. >> by the mid 1980s the world began to see cracks in the iron curtain. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> i have to say at the beginning of 1985 business was wonderful for cia and particularly the soviet division. >> business is booming. >> we knew more about the kgb and gru than perhaps any single
6:31 pm
individual in them. the cia didn't have one station in moss cow. we had three. we had their traditional one in our embassy, we had one in kgb headquarters and one in gru headquarters. we had so many sources. >> you had that country wired. >> we had it covered and it was against that backdrop that we had no -- and i repeat no indication, none of what was about to happen. >> coming up, the cia discovers the a major problem. >> it colost all of the assets. people were disappearing. in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >> i am harris falkner. we have been working on the story since the end of fox reports. we are still getting some word. an unnamed european diplomat saying cyprus the small island nation in europe and european
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pred dorrs reached -- credit to have eached a deal. they are upset. they understand whatever the deal will be some of it will have to come from the bank accounts. the government runs the banks there and what they are looking at is reaching into some of those deposits putting fees on them taking a huge percentage of the money people have saved up in their own bank account to help payoff the did he teebt in country and keeping it from going bankrupt. more on this in fox reports. some sort of deal is being put together they are getting close to it. we will continue to work the story. for now fox files. >> 1985 topping the box office with the movie back to the future terrorists hijack the ocean liner. they are beamed around the world. >> in langley virginia it was
6:36 pm
known as the year of the spy. >> there was a whole bunch of spies for one reason or another who were exposed. >> they blow up the power blows up big time. >> behind these headlines a quiet devastation was occurring at the agency. >> you had sources that were either rested or disappeared? >> that's correct in august a kgb officer is arrested in moss to you on home leave. sometimes between the beginning of october. another one of our sources is also arrested. then november 6th, 1985, a kgb officer named martina we never see him again. also a kgb officer. >> a few months later the general also dispierd in moscow.
6:37 pm
>> they feel like they couldn't keep everybody safe. >> this never happened before. it was unprecedented. >> what did you think? >> there were two theories one we have a trait erro or or two are reading our communications. >> it would take 7 years before sandy, paul and the rest of the cia discovered one of the worst trade traitors in history was their colleague aldrich aims. >> aims was fascinating to me. >> pete early sent 15 hours interview the aims after his rays. wrote about it in his book "confessions of a spy" here is audio.
6:38 pm
>> every day washington career officials. >> he had been a carpool partner of mine in the mid 70s. a year or so carpooling with someone five days a week you do learn a lot about him. >> wisconsin native aldrich aims first passion was drama. when that didn't work out the failed actor joined the agency full-time in 1967. by the early 1980s sandy was close to her colleague. >> i liked rick. evidences a happy go lucky guy. he was an absolute perfect dirty fingernails shirt never tucked in he was late for anything whether it was driving or we were driving. >> he smoked all of the time. he had bad teeth. kind of guy had broken eye glasses. >> i found him super silly even by my arrogant standards. >> aims was tasked with
6:39 pm
targeting soviets for recruiters. >> he did a lousy job. he wasn't good at convincing people to be tray their country. >> aims' social awkwardness didn't hinder his ability for extra marital affairs. under cover as a state department diplomat he met a fiery columbian cultural attache. >> she was a person of high opinions and there was no one in her life who she had a hire opinion of than herself. >> people describe her as mean. >> she was one of the meanest women on the face of the earth. she berated rick all of the time. >> after two years in mexico city he was reassigned back to cia headquarters in virginia. he divorced his wife and married rosario. though an unsuccessful recruit he was good at one thing.
6:40 pm
>> he really understood russia. his real talent became understanding the russian people and dealing with russians who were very difficult to deal with. >> in 1993 he became chief counterintelligence soviet operations. >> he familiarized himself with every case he had access to all of the names. he knew all about the covert operations. >> rosario was becoming a severe financial burden. >> she spent extravagantly. you couldn't keep up with her spending. there was no way rick aims was going to be able to support her. >> he went looking for revenue. >> in 1985 he was developing a soviet arms control specialist assigned to the soviet embassy in the nbc.
6:41 pm
>> ames was trying to do what all of us did if only to get out of the retched bureaucracy and. >> sanctioned by the fbi and cia and rick reported each encounter through each organization. there was nothing unusual about it. >> ames can't talk to you, can't talk to you. can't talk to you. >> rick's attempt to get him out for drinks i think he had been turned down two or three towns. >> he gets him to agree to a meeting at a restaurant. >> he was a no show again. so rick after two or three vodkas said, well, i will just walk to the soviet embassy walk through the door and that's how i will volunteer. that's indeed what he did. because after that he all of a
6:42 pm
sudden became responsive to rick's overture for lunches. >> he gave up virtually almost almost all of our soviet resources. >> knowing they were going to be executed or at least arrested. >> it unleashed a bloodbath in russia. this video shows the arrest of a general by the kgb. another man was also filmed being raised outside of a road in moscow. overall it is believed 10 russians were executed because of ames treachery. >> his damage was in human life. >> how much money did he make off of it? >> he received in cash a million 3. >> 1.3 million? >> yes. i think there was another million waiting for him in the soviet union in case he had to run there. >> with his ill gotten cash ames and his new life were living it
6:43 pm
up. the old slop with the untucked shirt was mow more. >> he was beautifully clothed wonderful suit. he was extremely arrogant. it was just a different person. tot totally different person. >> it was the new rick that would come under scrutiny when the agency went looking for a traitor within. most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible.
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>> in the mid 1980s almost all of the sources and informants have dispiered. almost five years they searched for a traitor within. >> i often wondered how long it took them to be caught. only thing i could come up with is they were great officers smart people dedicated people but they lived through the awful era of angelton. >> the infamous james jesus angelton was director of counterintelligence for 20-years in 1974. he was the inspiration for the matt damon character in "the good shepherd." >> he was convinced the russians had plans that weren't there. the agency didn't want to go through that again. >> nevertheless it was cia analyst who in 1991 made it her
6:48 pm
mission to find the mole. >> she asked if she could take one more look at our 85 problem because she felt ylt gguilty sh hadn't come up with an answer. >> i said great. let's do it. i got sandy grimes who i knew and adored because she is smart wonderfully loyal and december crete. >> he calls me and asks me if i would like to join jean. >> the three of us started out doing it. >> several days later redmond went to the fbi and paul happened to mention to our bureau colleague that jean was going to take another look at what occurred. >> they said let's do it together. we said let's do it together. the bureau says i went down it would be a cold day in hell i had the bureau fail. >> jean and sandy were brutally honest. i would occasionally bring ideas over to jean to try to pin down what the source of the losses
6:49 pm
might have been. could they have cut into our stations in moscow? could they have been reading our traffic could they have been putting forensic tracking chemical on rup pells we used for paid agents. >> the first task was to identify information about one or more of our lost cases? that list was over 160. >> of those names how did you assign more important or less importance to each individual? >> we had had the four members of our task force and two from the fbi list 5 or 6 people who bothered them for whatever reason. they were asked to put these people in rank order. the one who bothered you the most first, second, third, fourth and fifth. >> where did aldrich ames rank
6:50 pm
on your list? >> i had him number one. the change in rick the fact that he had so much money. something was wrong. >> was he aware of your task force? >> oh, yes. we didn't hide from ant we were a trader in cia. >> asked ames what he thought of the task force? >> he said because i love sanding at my desk watching sandri grimes and paul redmond running around trying to catch this spy them thinking oh there's rick ames he's a nobody and i was pulling all of the strings. they had no clue and i loved that. >> you are following the money, you are putting all of this together but there is no smoking gun. >> correct. >> until about august of 1992. something clishged at thcked at.
6:51 pm
>> contact with chubacin. >> he finally was able to prepare his bank accounts and his money with him. >> i couldn't believe what i saw. 17th of june rick has a lunch with him. 18 of june he makes a cash deposit to his checking account. the next meeting is 7th of july. the same day another cash deposit for the checking account. approximately a week or two later there was another luncheon with him and that afternoon another cash deposit. >> you are convinced you go to redmond's office you say, what? >> i walk in slam the door and i say, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
6:52 pm
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rick ames >> in august of 92 sandy grimes finally identified aldrich aims as the traitor in the cia. >> i say rick ames is a damned russian spy. >> my recollection is she sash sh shayed into my office always nicely dressed lots of jewelry very attractive women. leaned on the doorjamb and said redmond we got this son of a pitch. redmond looked at me like i was nuts. i went through all of the information. >> the bureau was able to go
6:56 pm
through an investigation of ames the rest is history by way of the washington field office did this under very difficult circumstances. did an ex kizity job. >> they bush whacked him coming out of his house and arrested him. >> mr. ames would you like to make a statement? >> on capitol hill the rays of ames caused a fury. >> the reaction was explosive. in my view the congress behaved in a purile manor silly to a degree that it became almost funny. >> war is too important to be left to generals and intelligence is too important to be left to the spies. >> you had people like glick man interviewing ames and ames made a negative comment about the ca
6:57 pm
and the way they did business. maybe he has something. >> the ames ace is perhaps the most graph vic visible example of the need to make structural changes in the operation of intelligence community. >> glickman as i understand it has gone to work to represent the movie industry which is more appropriate to his talents because of the unreality of glickman. >> ames was directly responsible for at least 10 of our human assets. >> it is their story that should be told. >> ames showed no row mores for the executions no remorse for the actions. he justified them. he decided it was all a game. >> ames pleaded guilty and received a life sentence. he is serving it in the allenwood penitentiary in pennsylvania. >> look the cia called me a benedict arnold. i am worse than a benedict
6:58 pm
arnold. the russians consider me a hero. one country's traitor is another country's hero. it all depends on how you look at it. >> his wife ross sar yo received five years. >> i asked her when did you find out rick was a spy. she demured and said i never really found it out, which was total nonsense. the fbi had tapes of her talking about be careful don't do this wrong. there was a telephone intercept saying don't blow this you know how it is. >> when she got out of prison she was thrown out of the country. >> sandy grimes and jean finally caught this guy. >> nothing to say to him. a waste of my time and my breath. >> case closed. >> case closed. >> we did our job. >> the first cold war may be over, but the new cold war may
6:59 pm
be just beginning. paul redmond developed his own theory. >> redmond's war and i named it. it's an actuarial certainty there will be spies in your organization. there will always be spies. what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.